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"Revolution Resolution"

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24" x 30" multimedia art piece of Barack Obama with multi layer stencil work, wood staining, adhesived on stencil on paper then distressed, and wood carving. I was asked to participate in one of the most momentous occasions, An art show commemorating the Inauguration of Barack Obama . It's called Manifest Hope: D.C. and it's held in Washington D.C. during Inauguration week. For more info on the event check out
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Obama Inauguration
The 2009 Presidential Inauguration Of Barack Obama
Moved by the wind
2009 Presidential Inauguration Day, Jan 20th, 2009
Inauguration 09 Crowd
The 2009 Presidential Inauguration Of Barack Obama
The 2009 Presidential Inauguration Of Barack Obama
There is hope everwhere
Odd couple
Obama Inauguration
Obama Inauguration
Obama Inauguration
Congolese Protestors
1600 Pennsylvania
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