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Artist Andrew Purchin, on the Washington Monument grounds, paints the scene of the Obama Inaugural We Are One Concert at the Lincoln Memorial in DC. January 18, 2008.
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Welcome to Your New America
Mission Accomplished
Power Grid
Goodbye, George!
2009 Presidential Inauguration Day, Jan 20th, 2009
Inaugural bouquets at the Safeway
Today's Specials
Dreams of Our Future
Obama Chocolate Bar
Inauguration Party - Arlington VA
Obama in Eastern Market
People on Statues 1
Waiting for Obama
Quiet Capital
Inauguration, 2009
People in Trees
You're Going to Need a Hard Hat to Live There
Obama Inauguration 2009
Obama Inauguration
Finding the Silver Gate
Inauguration 09 14th Street-1
Red, white, and blue
Art of Change
Cookies and cakes and change
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